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A Competition in which each team will build a Mega Structure: Building. Team will construct the structures using waste material, bamboo/match sticks, drinking straws. For fastening masking tape, ropes or pins can be used.
No. of Participants:
Maximum 3 people in each team

Time Limit:
This is an off-site competition; students are required to build the structure at home and report along with at the campus till 08:30 A.M. for the submission and jury round.

The competition:
1. The Structure must be constructed using either of bamboo/matchsticks or drinking straws and tape. The straw can be interconnected directly or through use of Pins. Rope can also be used for structure binding purpose.
2. The height and structural stability, Joinery details and aesthetics would be the assessment factors. The height limit should be 600mm and the width should be 300mm for the structure.

Judgment Criteria:
Scoring will be based on the following:
A. Height and structural stability of the structure
B. Joinery details and aesthetics