An Effective way of depicting the technical skills by working or non working science based models. Students can showcase their innovative talent by making projects on various themes.


Categories for Model Preparation:

Models prepared on the following themes can participate in the Science Exhibition.

• Solar System
• Eclipse Model
• Pollution
• Renewable energy cost and efficiency
• Communication Project
• Robotics Project
• Biology Project (Heart Model or Brain Model)
• Ecosystem Management
• Electronics Project

#Team Size: Models can be prepared individually or team wise involving maximum four students under the guidance of one teacher.

# Projects of new concept and new innovations in the field of science are also welcomed.

Judging Criteria:

• All the participating models will be judged by a panel of judges on Technical Skill, Originality in idea and application, Presentation, Depth of knowledge and Clarity
• 2 minutes will be given to participants for oral presentation on their respective model.
• Models must be designed and assembled entirely by the students although teachers and others may give advice. Any assistance given by someone else should be noted clearly on the display.