Straw Tower

Description: This is a competition in which each team will attempt to build a straw tower by using maximum 50 drinking straw and a length masking tape.

No. of Participants: 2 people in each team

Time Limit: 45 minute the competition

The competition:
1. The tower must be constructed using drinking straw and tape. The straw can be interconnected directly or through use of tape however, no other fastening devices such as pins will be used. Straw may be cut, slit or bent in any manner.
2. The height of the tower will be measured before the loading process begins. To qualify, the tower must be at least 30 cm high at the loading point.
3. The top of the tower must be accommodating a loading block that is 5cm x 5cm. The student must be able to balance the block (horizontally) on the tower at the loading point for the tower to quality.

Judgment Criteria:
Scoring will be based on the following:
A. Height in centimeters
B. Mass supported in grams