War of Words” event is a formal debate or discussion on a particular topic. It is a platform where thoughts are unparalleled, words are bold, and voices are louder!

No. of Participants:
This is an individual event with the one participant speaking “FOR” the topic, followed by another participant speaking “AGAINST” the topic.

Topic for English Debate:

“Social Networking Platforms” are they effective tools for development of our society?

Topic for Hindi Debate: 

क्या सेलिब्रिटी अच्छे राजनेता बन सकते हैं?

Time Limit: Each participant will have time limit of 1½ minutes. The extension of further “10 seconds” will be given to the participants. However, participants exceeding the extended time of 10 sec will be disqualified.

The Competition:

1. There will be first bell at the end of the time limit of 1½ minutes and second bell at after further 10 seconds.
2. The participants can bring their own material for reference but they will not be allowed to carry any support material during the time of their speech delivery.
3. All participants should follow rules and guidelines of the debate.

The Judgement Criteria:

1. The students will be judged on their intellectual, innovative and reasoning ability.
2. The discretion of judges will be final and binding to all.